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Founded in 2009, Fyreflyz focuses on generating results that you need and want. With years of experience under our belt, we specialise in generating unconventional concepts and ideas that make a difference, and bringing that magic to life. We are a team of creative, unconventional, determined entity of individuals who focus on getting results. We may be small and nimble; but it is nimble and completely expandable anytime we need to give you the extra support!

We don't complicate things.

We will make the result simple: a success.

Pedal to the metal ALWAYS.

Let us walk with you.


Fyreflyz has built strong knowledge in generating and optimizing successful results for marketing through omni-channels platforms. We understand the need of exposure both online and offline. We solve problems with innovative solutions. We achieve the best results. We are your marketers.


Our expertise is bringing unique ideas to life. Our capabilities amplified by our creativity and imagination. Our execution perfected with the most refined combination of our experiences. We build the best strategy to amplify your brand and business through the most appropriate medium.

Our clients are our partners. We work with the expectation and belief that they love their craft as much as we love ours.


These wonderful clients and brands are the aorta of our existence and growth. Our pulses of life.

Clients logo
Clients logo


To disrupt conventionality and change the world together.


We like to create awesome things with open-minded people, feel free to say hello!


We want you to join us and be part of our ever growing team. Of course we get that commitment sounds scary; but come get to know us first through our internship or part time programme.

Every assignment and project is unique, do not underestimate the smallest of task! At Fyreflyz, the little drops make the ocean! Come and join us, you creative, crazy, fun-loving, curious person.

We want you.
Let's build great things together.
Start your journey with us now.

Drop us a mail at